April 7, 2012


Business Consultations
Whether you are a startup building everything from scratch or an established corporation looking for unique direction on a new project, book a consultation so we can plan creative campaigns that meet the scope of your assets and goals.

Branding & Marketing
You’ve got the business smarts and game plan for taking it to the next level, but need a little help tightening up your image? Get assistance in creating a style guide that solidifies your identity. From logos, fonts, colors and layouts, let’s craft the image that promotes your business beyond it’s current potential. Synthesize and package your creative vision while honing in your self-promotion and networking.

Web Production & WordPress Tutor
Simply need a few graphics or banners? Perhaps a whole new website? I specialize in WordPress website development, one of the most widely used Open-source, low-budget and user-friendly programs for web development. WordPress is a free content management system developed by and for the community which is used by individual hobbyists to Fortune 500 companies. It can be accessed and managed from anywhere with browser system and internet connection. Artists’ portfolios, blogs, e-commerce shops, social networking hubs, support forums, and paid membership sites can all be ran from WordPress-based sites. If you are a DIY-er and would like to learn how to build and maintain your own website, I teach classes on WordPress web development.

Social & Digital Media Integration
Facebook, twitter, Vimeo, Youtube, Google Plus? So many social media networks, so little time. Social media sites are some of the top traffic referrals, which is why it is vital to have an integrated approach to social media and web marketing.

It really depends on the scope of the project which could range from a couple hundred for a basic design project or a few thousand for a complete rebranding and development situation. It’s best to contact me directly about what exactly your objectives are and what you are looking for.

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