February 17, 2016


Destiny (and budgets) favor the prepared...

If you're an organized person on a budget and need a cheap-and-easy, no-frills website, here's your solution...

The Super Saver Discount Package allows you to put in your work request and see results. This is a pre-paid package for someone that's on it and has all their content ready to roll out:

  • all their text final edited
  • all photos and graphics provided through Dropbox*
  • *(remember they must be 900px wide and not violate copyrights)

    This packages includes an "out of the box look/theme" that doesn't require customizing to the templates or CSS.

    Have no idea what I just said? That's ok! This form is made to walk you through piece-by-piece so when you submit it, I will have everything I need to get your website up and running!

    Your Name (required)

    Your Email (required)

    Your Phone (required)

    What's your Deadline? A month lead time is standard for these requests. I usually get through them much faster, however if you need this RUSHED sooner than that, the price point will change depending on how soon.

    MANDATORY: You need to have web hosting & a domain and you need to provide the login for both (required)

    "If you don't already have hosting or a name, go Buy Hosting/Domain. I use them and they have excellent customer service."

    URL to Your Hosting (example: http://bluehost.com )

    URL to Your Domain Registration If it is the same as your hosting please say so. (example: http://bluehost.com )

    You will absolutely need your LOGIN/USERNAMES/PASSWORDS for these things and be able to send me them once I have followed up with you.

    Please Dropbox me (shawn@liarphoto.com) ALL of your final images & text files prior to sending this form in a folder titled "WEBSITE-(your_name)". Place images in a subfolder called "images" and text in a subfolder called "text". ALL of your images and text files should be labeled as to what page they will appear on (example: About.doc is your about page text and about1.jpeg is the first image that goes on that page.)
    Can you confirm that you have sent me all your graphics, none of them violate copyrights and they are all 900px wide or larger as well as all text is in it's final edit form?

    *PRO-TIPS: control "I" click on your images files from your computer and you will see their size. The most common page structure for sites is: Home, About, Contact, Services/Portfolio, & Blog.
    Do you agree that the above is correct?


    Why do you need a website & what do you want it to do for you?

    Sample Sites: Please provide 3-5 links of websites you like in order of appeal and 1-2 sentences on what you like about them so I may find a theme that aligns well with the general items you like. I will let you know what is doable within the parameters/budget so don't sweat it too much.

    Prior to accepting the project and beginning work, I will send a request for the pre-paid via PayPal $375

    *Please keep in mind, if you do start requesting changes that require template code modifications, specialized plugin set up, or your copy and graphics need edits since they weren't submitted in their final form, you will be charged an additional amount based on my per hour rate of $80/hour. This package is based off a 5 hours work estimate total with a discount.