Print Design: Southern Exposure

A project with Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik // “Estamos contra el muro | We Are Against the Wall //September 9 – October 15, 2016 Worked with San Francisco based visual arts non profit gallery Southern Exposure in collaboration with their artist to create promotional collateral (posters, handouts, vinyl and web graphics) for the Estamos contra el Read more about Print Design: Southern Exposure[…]

Branding & Print: Persist Health Project

Persist Health Project is a sister organization of the Red Umbrella Project, a long time client of mine both of which do work making the world a better place. Persist asked me to help with some rebranding on an incremental scale, which is how I like to do it! Sometimes people eyes are bigger than Read more about Branding & Print: Persist Health Project[…]

Web & Branding: Bay-Fit 2.0

After a series of postcard and promotional campaigns, Bay-Fit had me redesign their website. I took the vector graphic “Hero” campaign and expanded it to include other target market promotions, seasonal discounts, and a new web design theme. Had a lot of creative control and familiarity with the program which helped shape the overall tone: Read more about Web & Branding: Bay-Fit 2.0[…]

Print Design: Promotional Cards for BayFit

Assisting in marketing campaign development for BayFit which is a fitness program based out of Bay Jiu-Jitsu. Came up with a promotional spring sales campaign, superhero direction on graphic. Pop appeal, strong female presence, with brand colors. Part II: I was asked to do some target marketing for Gay Pride, something fun, campy, sexy and Read more about Print Design: Promotional Cards for BayFit[…]

Branding, Print & Web: The Red Umbrella Project

The Red Umbrella Project has had a prolific year and I am honored to be a part of the team. They decided to take their Red Umbrella Diaries to the next level with a major documentary. They kindly asked me to help redesign the projects logo, web site, as well as a slew of promotional Read more about Branding, Print & Web: The Red Umbrella Project[…]

Print Design: Make Portraits Art Show

My dear friend and photographer Cody T. Williams is having an art show! He asked me for some assistance in whipping up a postcard announcing his show which is tomorrow. I used the logo I designed for him along with his designated brand colors and font for something clean and simple that prioritized the quality Read more about Print Design: Make Portraits Art Show[…]

Print Design: “Speak Up!: Media Tactics Guide

I recently worked with the Red Umbrella Project to help design and layout their upcoming Media Tactics Guide, a 37 page guide used in their Media and Advocacy Program. I took inspiration for the cover design and pages from ActUp, Barbera Kruger and the Obey Andre the Giant campaigns. I wanted something dynamic, call to Read more about Print Design: “Speak Up!: Media Tactics Guide[…]