Photography: Tokyo Finger Bang Style Fashion Journal

Cover & Poster Photos: Bungo Tsuchiya Cover & Logo Design: TSOUSIE Cover & Poster Models: HIROMI & Aura Styling: PELI Make: Mari Hair: Hosono Masami Editorial Design: Maiko Asami ( Styling Photo: Shawn Tamaribuchi BOI&FEM Models: NO JOKE, Saki, Mika, masami Text: Yuki Keiser ( Executive Producer: Ogawa Chiga (GOLD FINGER) Special Thanks to Jenny[…]


Visibility Project

The Visibility Project is a photographic portraiture series focused on the Queer Asian American identified community. All participants currently or have once identified as female and the project is inclusive to: trans, ftm, mtf, genderqueer, bisexuals, lesbian, queer, intersex, andro, two-spirit… Definitions of Asian Americans is very diverse: East, Southeast, South Asian, Hapa, transplants, etc.[…]


Photography: Revista M Chile

In 2010, I traveled to Santiago, Chile to shoot international artist Melissa Wyman and her husband (a New Zealand diplomat) for my Female Fighter Project. Melissa Wyman was interviewed by Revista M, an arts Magazine based out of Chile who contacted me to use my images for an editorial interview on Melissa and her work.


The Female Fighter Project

The Female Fighter Project is a photographic series dedicated to the strong and amazing women who inspire me daily to follow my passion. -Shawn Tamaribuchi Shawn’s latest project is entitled “The Female Fighter Project“. It is an on going portraiture series documenting female fighters around the globe. In 2010, Shawn left for a year of[…]


Photography & Print: Good Vibrations Catalogs

I worked for the famed Good Vibrations, adult retail boutique, from 2003-2008. In that time, the company shifted from a worker-owned coop to a corporation purchased buy a larger retailer. During that time, we saw a dramatic shift in the brand presentation. I was hired as the new catalog designer and product photographer to help[…]