Print Design: Southern Exposure

A project with Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik // “Estamos contra el muro | We Are Against the Wall //September 9 – October 15, 2016

Worked with San Francisco based visual arts non profit gallery Southern Exposure in collaboration with their artist to create promotional collateral (posters, handouts, vinyl and web graphics) for the Estamos contra el muro | We Are Against the Wall exhibition. This project focused on harmonizing the artist’s vision and brand of the organization. The artist’s primary pinata material served as a textural influence and the neon green accent colors were a result of my research on contemporary traffic warning signs used at the Mexican / USA border.

My poster design work was a part of the Southern Exposure and Related Tactics Collective show Declarations for the New Year generating 40 posters of artists, writers, cultural producers, and civic-minded instigators short declarations or calls to action for 2016. I went with the influence, color, font and layout of the quintessential “No Parking” sign looking for bold visuals that also captured park of San Francisco’s on going conflicts around space, access, and control.


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