Web & Logo: MT Development Inc.

MTdev co INc.Graphic/Web Design & Development

Working with the company founder and copy editor to rebrand company’s visual presence.

  • Photo editing and optimization
  • Assisted in the creative direction of visuals
  • Visual concept construction
  • Custom web design and functional implementation
  • Logo design update

I usually work solo on smaller projects with limited budgets but on rare occasions I get to be part of a bigger team/ However, I am a total fan of teamwork and on this project I got to work very closely with a branding expert who really elevated the quality of the final product. She was able to hone in on the particular style and vibe this client needed and we came up with visual concept for the web site. Something refined with a focus on craftsmanship and quality. We also worked on the original logo and upgraded it to synch better with the new site feel. I definitely consider this one of the crowning pieces of my web design portfolio. MT Development is one of the most notable high end construction films in the Bay Area.

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