Web & Logo: Freestyle Fitness Addiction

I asked around for a local web designer, and Shawn was one of my recommendations! She was an acquaintance of mine, so I wanted to go with her, since I didn’t want to work with a perfect stranger, and she always seemed cool. Guess what! Our relationship was enhanced! She turned out to be extremely knowledgable, professional, creative, and intuitive. I explained to her the vision of the website that I was going for, both functionally as well as aesthetically, and she was spot on with her design. She was an excellent communicator and kept me posted the whole time, as well as provided very quick responses to my emails. She was attentive to details and able to follow through with everything she promised. Furthermore, she trained me in the functionality of my website, so that I could be independent in working my website so I don’t have to annoy her for the rest of our lives. Thanks, Shawn, for designing a kick-ass site! Check out our work at FreestyleFitnessAddiction.com 😉 -Kristina Dobyns, Owner of Freestyle Fitness Addiction

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