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Your business is taking off and you need something that reflects not only your current successes but the potential of your future ones. Clean, efficient and concise, put your best foot forward when it comes to that first impression.

Do-Gooders & Bleeding Hearts

Not all heroes wear capes. Whether you are battling to keep art and music in schools or providing new homes for our furry friends, the needs of a 501c3 can be quite vast. Budgets and manpower might be limited, but that doesn’t mean your visuals need to be.

enterprenuers & masterminds

When your work is your passion and it’s fueled by an ingenuity that’s never been seen before, crafting an identity around it can be truly daunting. Getting a little help from your friends goes a long way. Let’s work together to capture those concepts that separate you from the rest of the pack.


You’re a person of few words and means, but in need of a no frills web presence. You know the shortest path from point A to point B is a straight line and that’s exactly how your like you information. Get yourself a simple and to the point solution for your basic business needs.


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(If you are on a very tight budget, I have a SUPER SAVE PACKAGE for a very simple site offering, doe not include hosting or domain registration which must be purchased through a provider. I recommend BLUEHOST and use them myself.)


Shawn Tamaribuchi is a jack-of-all trades who finds serenity & satisfaction in the visual world.
In my free time, I work because I truly LOVE what I do.

For over a decade, Shawn Tamaribuchi has worked in the commercial and fine arts. Producer, creative director, designer, content manager, video editor and artist, it just goes to show you can do quite a bit with a liberal arts degree. Her primary focus was on photography and digital media with artistic interests in the intersections of digital and analog technologies, experimental performance, and film-based photography. If Shawn had to pick her favorite aspect of visual culture, it would be it's ability to communicate beyond words.

  • Time Management

    I am an extremely fast worker, but if you need a task master to force you to get your own projects done, better ask your personal assistant. I will however send you gentle reminders about things I need.


    Print, Web, Branding & Logos - However not an illustrator in the classic sense so if you are doing a comic book or need a complex vector only design, can't help you there. Posters, annual reports, web banners and all things Photoshopped? I got you!


    I've made some pretty snazzy and complex sites ranging from membership to e-commerce driven with many degrees of third party integration. When it comes to the heavy lifting of patching differnt software or making large fundamental functional changes, I bring in my heavy guns developer friends. Synergy!

  • Copy Editing & Writer

    I can make things look pretty, but if you're looking for a word-smith with an eagle eye for grammar, I have some great referrals. I have a background in catalog design and editing, it's just not my thing.

Looking for something cheap, simple and fast? Starting at only $375, the Super Saver Discount Package is just for you!


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I offer a variety of services ranging from production end work such as web, print and graphic design, to ground-up branding and strategic development. As an owner of several small businesses, I understand the logistical and financial constraints that can often accompany identity development. I am confident that we can find a solution that works for you.